Thrasher United Methodist
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.


We worship a missional God.... "It is not the church that has a mission in the world, but it is God's mission that has a church in the world"
                                                                                                  from "Leading Ideas" a ministry of Lewis Center for Congregational Development
Thrasher is involved in many missions and ministries... if you are a part of Thrasher, you are called to be in mission.
We are involved in the church... through programs like Crossblock an after school program for Junior High Youth, and thrasher's Day School, We do 5th Quarter after each William Byrd  football game for children to have a place to hang out and be safe.  We support Scouting, AA, Na, TOPS, Weight Watchers, and many more that use our building as a ministry center.
We are involved in the community.... We support many local missions... COP, the Rescue Mission, Manna Ministry and the Manna Backpacks, The Presbyterian Community Center, Appalachia Service Project and many more...
We are involved in the world.... in 2012 we sent a team to Brazil for the "Shade and Fresh Water" program and in 2019 we plan to send a team to Costa Rica to work with the Rice and Beans program. 
We support mission through giving... Missions Opportunities... explains where our offerings go...
Please support the relief effort of Hurricane Sandy through UMCOR!  the United Methodist Committee on Relief